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Word of Mouth has been the driver of our success.  Here are some great things that people have said about us:

Kelly Kucic, Director of a Montessori School

Ms. Olivia is an excellent teacher who engages children in learning through hands-on experiences. Ms. Olivia taught extracurricular science classes for preschool and Kindergarten age students at our Montessori school in Sunnyvale, CA for several years. Her science program was a hit with both children and parents. Ms. Olivia designs lessons that inspire children’s curiosity and interest in a subject resulting in positive learning outcomes.

Linda Tang

Olivia has the gift of being able to connect with children.  She interacts with my kids in a way that makes them feel secure, understood, and cared for.  For them, that is the key to loving learning – they need to be in an environment where they feel safe enough to relax and take in all the thrilling things Olivia has to teach them!

Kirsty Kuo

My son and I started the mommy and me program two months ago. Ms. Jannette is very patient with the children and knows how to engage the little ones in class. The classroom is full of resources and Ms. Jannette will change the theme/topic frequently and redecorate/restock the classroom accordingly. There is constant communication between the parents, Ms. Jannette and the owner Olivia. The curriculum is well thought and the class is well structured. My kid always had a good time and always learned a great deal in class. I would recommend Wow Academy to anyone who wish to let their children enjoy learning in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Yudy Deng

Excellent enrichment program! My 5yr old daughter enjoys the “play and learn” style and their awesome teachers with a lot of patience, experience, and love!

Britt Wibmer

There aren’t enough positive words to describe the founder and program director of WOW Academy, Olivia Chang. She truly embraces and seeks to elevate children of all learning styles and abilities. Your child will benefit from being a part of WOW, 100%! 

Patty Chen

Ms. Olivia is a wonderful teacher. I’m very impressed by her enthusiasm and dedication. My daughter loves her class, as it’s really fun. As a parent, I’m grateful to see that the class has raised my daughter’s self-confidence and encouraged her to be her best self. I highly recommend Ms. Olivia’s Wow Academy!   

Keri Barr-Chen

Great fun educational learning. Olivia is fantastic at engaging children so that they learn in a bright, caring and nurturing environment. Children and adults adore her! 

Tess Wang

Highly recommend this learning center to all my friends in Seattle. The owner Olivia is one of the best teachers and mothers I ever know. I always love her positive attitude and enthusiasm. Your child will definitely learn a lot and get positive influence from her great personality.

Wendy Teh

Olivia is a great teacher who is passionate about helping kids to learn. She is full of energy and it makes the kids enthusiastic about learning. My daughter loved her science class and especially enjoyed all the hands on opportunities to discover new concepts and ideas. I highly recommend WOW Academy for any family who is looking for a school that will support and encourage their child’s learning journey. 

Kirsten Shubring

Olivia is a kind, caring and patient teacher. She is able to engage and entertain her students as well as educate them. The curriculum for her camps and classes are excellent. She is a delight! 

Youngmee Kim

My son really enjoyed two classes in this school; science class and speech/writing class. The small group of kids and welcoming teacher provided a safe place for him to learn, feel comfortable to ask questions, share and talk about new topics. He was excited to share with me his science experiments and he found each class to be fun. This program helped my son learn in a fun way and the teacher genuinely cares for each student. I highly recommend this school. 

Claire T.

Both of my kids (2 & 5yr old) have attended Wow Academy and we couldn’t be happier. The teachers are welcoming, passionate, loving and the class has a well- structured, educational and entertaining curriculum. Both of my kids want to go there early and didn’t want to leave every time they attended the class. I would recommend this school to everyone.  

Juan Vargas

Despite the fact that my twin 4 year old boys are going through that phase where they don’t want to go to school and they want nothing to do with each other, the only thing that elicits a resounding, positive reaction is telling them they are going to WoW Academy. They love it!

Olivia and team have interesting and educational activities to engage them and captivate their imaginations. We love the fact that they receive individual attention and learn from the bigger kids. Olivia is an amazing teacher and one of the kindest people you will meet. I can’t recommend Wow academy enough.

Ambrose Wang

Wow Academy is a perfect example of how fast kids can learn if given the right educational environment and approach. My 6 year old went from speaking very little English to being fluent in just under a year, and is now being introduced to 2nd grade material. Phenomenal progress from a phenomenal team!

Michael Kuo

Both of my kids (4&6) enjoy WOW Academy very much. Great teacher and great environment. They both picked up English faster than I expected and we definitely will continue sending both of our kids there!

Maggie Bai

My 4 year old daughter is such an amazed fun of WOW Academy. No matter following with Ms. Olivia for Science experience or backyard exploration for little worms or together with Ms. Jannette for reading and math games, alway bring her most joyful time. My 7 year old boy can only expect summer time. WOW Academy is alway his first choice for summer camp. The teachers there are like magicians always bring them fantastic experience and attract their interests in science. My sincere thanks and appreciate to Ms. Olivia and Mrs. Jannette!

Emily Degoricija

Ms. Olivia has a magical way of connecting with every single child and brings out the best in them. She has an amazing ability to get the kids to engage and excited about the work they do together. Ms. Olivia with her positive and fun energy makes learning fun and helps open up the children’s minds. My children love spending time with Ms. Olivia!

Kasey Saltzman

Olivia is one of those tremendously gifted educators/administrators who creates an incredibly rich, challenging, supportive and rewarding educational experience. She is extremely dedicated to providing top notch educational experiences, and is respected by teachers and students alike. Her students are so lucky to have her. 

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