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WOW Academy’s unique blend of global educational philosophies is based on research and effective practices. Our philosophy is a melding of the educational theories of John Dewey, Jean Piaget, David Elkind, Maria Montessori, Howard Gardner, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, and Chinese educational practices acquired through years of educational research and observations of early childhood teaching practices and learning in England, the United States and China.  We have taken the best parts of the different educational theories and created our own unique curriculum.

We recognize that children learn through active investigation and discovery from their environment and that they love meaningful, hands-on, play based activities. With a balance of strong academic instructor guided learning and hands-on developmentally appropriate inquiry-based experiences, children move through thematic and project-based curricula in an environment which promotes differentiated levels of difficulty in order to meet each individual child’s need and interest. We plan sequentially more challenging curriculum, emerging from their interests, to help children naturally work to refine skills that help them become independent and more capable. We recognize that their self-confidence is derived from independence and independence skills give them the confidence necessary for future learning. We believe that all children are born with unique abilities, and given the opportunity to pursue them; each will discover his unique gift.


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