Early Explorers (2 years old)  Mommy and Me or Drop Off Class

Classes are held on Tuesdays 10 -11:30am

Our program provides:

  • Sensory based instruction that provides a strong foundation for learning;
  • Self Awareness and large motor skills;
  • Social Awareness that includes people, animals, and nature;
  • Communication skill building – verbal, non-verbal and emotional cues.

Early Learners Class (3 years old)

Preschool Enrichment Classes Tuesday & Thursday 2:30 – 4:00pm

Wednesdays 10:00 -11:30am

 Our Program provides:

  • Individually targeted language development;
  • Pre-reading foundational skill building;
  • Critical thinking and real world math problems;
  • Engaging STEM curriculum.

Get Ready For Kindergarten Enrichment classes (4-5 years old)


Half Day Pre-K Enrichment Classes on Fridays 9am -1PM

Science and Math Enrichment Classes on Wednesday 10-11:30 am and Thursday 4:30-6 pm

Our Program provides:

  • Individually targeted language development;
  • Pre-Reading and Early Readers skill building;
  • Engaging STEM curriculum;
  • Critical thinking based instruction;
  • Dramatic Play;
  • Indoor and outdoor learning environments.


STEM Classes for Grades K-5

WOW Academy offers engaging, multi-sensory, hands-on science for children in grades Preschool to grade 5. Research has shown that when kids are engaged and enjoying themselves they learn more quickly and retain concepts longer. Our programs engage children through investigations and experimentations by giving them the opportunity to do science rather than to hear about it.

Topics that may be covered in class: Density, Properties of Matter, Magnetism, Force of Motion, Human Body, Plants, Animals, Power of Air, Chemical and Physical Reactions, Planets, Simple Machines, Weather, Ecosystems, Food Chains, and  Electricity and Circuits.



Public Speaking Classes for Grades 4-5

Writing Classes for Grades 3-5

Literacy Classes for Grades K-3