WOW Academy’s curriculum is based on research and effective practices. With a balance of strong academic instructor guided learning and hands-on developmentally appropriate inquiry-based experiences, our programs promote differentiated levels of difficulty in order to meet each individual child’s needs and interests.

Essential components of our half-day preschool curriculum include Literacy, Social-Emotional Growth and Character Building, STEM, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, and Creative Arts.




WOW Academy has researched the most effective methods of teaching language arts. We offer a unique Literacy Program for children 3-6 years old that incorporates the Zoo-phonics® multisensory language arts program. Zoo-phonics® is a method developed to make children strong readers and spellers using a “phono” (hearing), “oral” (speaking), “visual” (seeing), “kinesthetic” (moving), and tactile (touching)—whole brain approach. Students actually learn the sounds of the alphabet and advanced phonemic concepts through an easily understood, concrete method of presentation. We use a program call Handwriting Without Tears to introduce the concept that all letters and number are formed with lines and curves.  Writing is built into all of our areas of study as well as our dramatic play and themed centers.We believe that it is important that your child is able to graduate from WOW Academy with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Knowledge of the Alphabet
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Knowledge of Print and its Uses
  • Comprehension of Books and Other Texts
  • Emergent Writing Skills
  • Listens to and Understands Increasingly Complex Language
  • Uses Spoken Language to Express Thoughts and Needs
  • Uses Appropriate Conversational and Other Communication Skills



STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Has your child ever asked you why is the moon out during the day, why are there time zones, where do bees go in the winter, why does my tummy hurt?

We at WOW Academy hope to help your children answer these questions in a way that not only develops their scientific knowledge but also further stimulates their curiosity in nature. We believe that STEM learning is an essential part of early childhood education. It has been proven through many academic research papers that learning science at an EARLY AGE helps a child’s development by engaging their curiosity, providing them with practical tools for understanding everyday life and by advancing critical thinking, problem solving and creativity in early learners.

The WOW Academy has developed innovative hands-on classes for kids aged 3-11.  Our STEM curriculum has several goals and methods with the guiding belief that students learn STEM by doing STEM. Our STEM content reflects the latest scientific research with a blend of physics and chemistry, Earth and space, life sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. We have also incorporated many of  Maria Montessori’s theories in teaching mathematics into our curriculum and we use many of the Montessori math materials in our classroom.  Our teachers promote deep comprehension of material through teacher guided lessons and experiential learning.



Social-Emotional Growth and Character Building


Social and emotional skills are crucial aspects of interpersonal development. WOW Academy aims to harness individual characteristics while reinforcing positive actions that can improve confidence, leadership, team involvement and self-reflection. WOW Academy has developed and embedded activities throughout its programs that prompt learners to interact, think and reflect with an objective of providing a well-rounded child that is fully prepared for life ahead.


Fine and Gross Motor Skills


Motor skills are broken into two categories, fine and gross. Fine Motor Skills include cutting, finger painting, and hand control. Gross Motor Skills range from balancing to team play. WOW Academy also believes that play-based activities are often the most exciting method in achieving a learning objective, and is therefore among the most effective. We have incorporated play-based learning into all of our programs.



Creative and Dramatic Art


Creative arts are activities that actively engage children’s imagination through art, dance, dramatic play or theater, puppetry, and music. The creative arts engage children across all domains—cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical. Activities are deliberately open-ended (not prescriptive), foster divergent thinking, and support the process without particular attention on the product.

Dramatic play happens in all areas of the school. It is a time when the children break through the walls of reality and pretend to be someone or something different from themselves, and dramatize situations and actions to go along with the roles they have chosen. Dramatic play is an integral part of the developmental learning process allowing children to develop skills such as abstract thinking, literacy, math, and social studies.



Circle Time


Circle time is an important daily activity. There is so much learning going on during circle time. Music and movement activities give children a time to improve coordination and large motor skills. Games during circle time help children learn to take turns and work together. Singing and dancing to music gives children the opportunity to enjoy music and be creative while learning such important skills. Language skills and self esteem building are a big part of the circle time curriculum.



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